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For Immediate Release: January 3, 2019

Vapors Planet

Vapors Planet Announces Program to Give Back to the Ohio Vaping Community

Vape Product Wholesaler Will Contribute Percentage of Earnings to Ohio Vapor Trade Association

Cincinnati, OH: Vapors Planet, a vape product wholesaler that specializes in providing guaranteed authentic vaping products to consumers and vape shops, has announced that it will begin contributing a percentage of its profits to the Ohio Vapor Trade Association.

Since 2018, Vapors Planet has served as a local source of wholesale vaping coils for Ohio vape shops that would otherwise have to meet large minimum order quantities or experience potentially lengthy customs delays when ordering from major domestic and Chinese wholesalers. Vapors Planet delivers to most Ohio locations in 24-48 hours. The company also sells vaping coils directly to consumers with no shipping fees and no minimum order quantities.

In discussing the decision to begin contributing to the Ohio Vapor Trade Association, Vapors Planet President Rami Masri said, “OHVTA provides a vital service to the Ohio vaping community by working with local business owners to establish and uphold the best standards and practices. OHVTA also serves as a consumer advocate, helping to ensure that Ohio vapers will always have access to the products on which they depend. I am proud to contribute to such a worthy cause.”

About Vapors Planet: Vapors Planet is a business-to-business and direct-to-consumer wholesaler of atomizer coils for vaping tanks in Cincinnati, OH. Vapors Planet sources its coils directly from the original manufacturers in China and guarantees that its products are always authentic. The company provides large quantities of wholesale vaping coils to local Ohio vape shops, usually fulfilling orders in 24-48 hours. Vapors Planet also ships coils directly to consumers, charging no shipping fees for any order size.

About the Ohio Vapor Trade Association: The Ohio Vapor Trade Association is a trade association and advocacy group founded and managed by Ohio vaping business owners. OHVTA works with its members to establish and enforce responsible business practices that protect consumers and ensure the continued health of the Ohio vaping industry as a whole. OHVTA keeps local businesses informed of new and pending laws and lobbies with local and state representatives to guard the rights of vaping consumers and business owners throughout Ohio.