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Free Shipping on all orders. What you see is what you pay.

SMOK Novo Pods

The pod vaping system is the new game-changers in the vaping industry. One such e-cigarettes replacement pods is SMOK Novo Pods, which gives the users the freedom of selecting any e-liquid of their choice. At the time of refilling, users need to pull out the vape pods and refill the pod with any e-liquid using the side port.

The filling of inhaling the first hit from a brand-new pod cartridge is unmatched and to enhance the user’s experience, even more, the SMOK NOVO Pod System starter kit comes with a pack of 3 vaping pods. These replacement vaping pods ensure that users can have a fun-filled vaping session without any hindrance. Leveraging an ergonomic design, the pods are poised to offer perfect vapor production with optimal flavor. Click Here to check the Product.

SMOK Novo replacements Pods

Novo Pods Specifications and Features

  • It contains a refillable vaping pod system with replaceable cartridge
  • It can hold 2ml of e-liquid based on the user’s preference
  • It uses the resistance of 0.8-ohm and 1.2-ohm mesh coils
  • It also has a horizontal coil atomizer with magnetized gold-plated connection
  • The devices use RDA organic cotton wicks

SMOK Rolo Badge Pods

One of the biggest manufacturers in the vaping industry, SMOK Rolo Badge Pods has leveraged cutting-edge technology and offered impeccable features to enhance the vaping experience of the users. It is an ideal choice for those who demand an ultraportable vaping device. It is small in size but can produce enough vapor cloud to satiate the needs of heavy vape users. Click Here to check the Product.


SMOK Rolo Badge Replacement Pods


Rolo Badge Pods Specifications and Features

  • It fits in the pocket and has an eye-catching badge shaped design.
  • The SMOK Rolo Badge has an incredible design, portable, and extremely light-weight.
  • This e-cigarettes replacement pod is available in solid or multi-color variants and has a smooth rubberized finish.
  • It has a battery capacity of 250mAh, which can ensure heavy vaping session without hindrance
  • The pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml, so users need not worry about refilling it after a few vaping sessions
  • Users have to puff and enjoy the vapor. It lacks any button.
  • The vape Smok Novo podfunctions best with salt nicotine e-liquids, but users can refill any e-juice of their choice.
  • It has an in-built atomizer coil with refillable and disposable pods and operates at a 10-16watts range.

Suorin Air Pods

In the world of a refillable vaping pod system, Suorin is undoubtedly the best of the lot. It is because of the incredibly designed small Suorin Air pods, the brand has earned a name in the industry. Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer has crafted this device that looks like a thick credit card and can easily slide in the pocket. It is a lightweight e-cigarettes replacement pod that offers a best-in-class vaping experience. It is indeed a pint-sized beast with high durability and performance level. Click Here to check the Product.


Suorin Air replacement Pods

Specifications and Features

  • Leveraging a cutting-edge design with a stylish and ultra-smooth finish, Suorin Air Pods is manufactured by Foxconn, the trusted hardware manufacturer of Apple.
  • This vaping pod has a reservoir capacity of 2ml e-liquid, that can offer all day long vaping sessions for the users.
  • The product has an immense battery backup of 400mAh, thereby ensuring heavy vaping sessions without hindrance.
  • Unlike most plastic-bodied vaping pods, Suorin Air pods have a durable life span as it uses zinc alloy. This makes it extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Although users can choose to refill any e-juice, it functions best with salt nic liquids
  • It has an in-built automizer coil of 1.2-ohm

Suorin Vagon Pods

Renounced manufactured of vaping devices, Suorin has now launched its brand new vape pod device named Suorin Vagon. This eye-catching device has a sleek high-end automobile design. This vaping pod boasts of producing thick vapors and functions great with salt nicotine e-liquid, high-VG blends, and freebase nicotine e-liquids. This e-cigarette replacement device is slightly larger than other Suorin devices but has a long-lasting battery backup of 430mAh. Once it starts releasing the thick vaping cloud, users get mesmerized with its efficiency. Click Here to check the Product.

Suorin Vagon replacement Pods

Specifications and Features

  • While maintaining the incredible design aesthetics, Suorin Vagon offers higher battery life than the other Suorin products.
  • The product has an in-built clip which makes it easily portable
  • After taking a puff, Suorin Vagon creates a thick vaping cloud to enhance the user’s vaping experience.
  • The product has an indicator, an in-built automated light which shows the battery indication
  • This vaping pod device functions with any e-liquids, especially salt nic e-juices.
  • With a refillable and disposable pod, Suorin Vagon offers 2.5ml e-liquid capacity and has 1.3-1.4-ohm resistance.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pods

With the world going crazy over the latest trend of pod vaping, Wismec Motiv2 ameliorates the vaping experience of the users. This e-cigarettes replacement pod device allows its users to fill their refillable pods, with a liquid of their choice. Unlike other vaping pods, the product doesn’t come with pre-filled pods. Highly durable, sleek, and stylish, Wismec Motiv2 has earned a name amongst the vape users. Click Here to check the Product.

wismec E cigarettes Replacement pods

Specifications and Features

  • Leveraging the latest technology flicks with ultra-tech design, Wismec Motiv2 is an incredibly sleek, polished, and smooth vaping pod.
  • The silicon plug at the bottom of the filling port prevents leakage and spilling of e-liquid. Regulated to operate at 3.5volts constantly, the product comes with a 500mAh battery, which ensures a long-lasting vaping session.
  • It is a user-friendly device with no activation button. This vaping pod functions on air pressure sensors as the user starts to inhale.
  • The device can be charged quickly using a USB port and stores 3ml of e-liquid to last a heavy vaping session.

Lost Vape Orion Plus Pod

Offering a set of 2ml plastic pods, Lost Vape Orion PLUS Replacement Pods entices the users throughout their vaping experience. The device consists of a threaded top-filled system, with multiple threaded coil options. It also utilizes an adjustable dual airflow control system. Click Here to check the Product.

Orion E-cigarettes replacement coils

Specifications and Features

  • A refillable vape pod device with threaded top-fill system and replaceable cartridge
  • The pod reservoir can hold 2ml of any e-liquid based on user’s preference
  • The Lost Vape Orion PLUS e-cigarettes replacement pod device features (0.25-ohm and 0.5-ohm) replaceable Mesh OCC coils and has threaded coil installation.

SMOK Infinix Pods

With the latest vaping industry trend focussing on pod vaping devices, it is imperative to have a refillable vaping pod-like SMOK Infinix. It is a portable and durable vaping device that can create thick vapor clouds using any e-liquids, especially nicotine salt e-juices. If the user prefers an unsweetened e-liquid the original flavor of the liquid can retain for weeks in the vaping pod. Click Here to check the Product.

SMOK Infinix Pods replacement

Specifications and Features

  • SMOK Infinix e-cigarette replacement is extremely small and can fit between two fingers like a real cigarette.
  • The vaping pod has small holes for refilling it with e-liquids. It also i=uses a needle-tipped bottle with which users can fill the liquids without spilling.
  • The device has a LED light that indicates the battery percentage.
  • It lacks control button and users need to puff in order to vape
  • Has an increased 20 percent battery life than JUUL pods and holds nearly 3 times more e-juices.
  • To prevent overheating the device comes with an 8-second puff timer.

SMOK Nord Pods

Although portable vaping devices reign the market, users still demand the best. Seeing a market opportunity, SMOK offers its best-in-class product named SMOK Nord. The device is small but ideal for experienced cloud chasers. It is the only vape pod device that has a direct-to-lung mesh coil availability. The device works best for mouth-to-lung inhalers who prefer salt nic e-liquids. Click Here to check the Product.

SMOK Nord e cig replacement Pods

Specifications and Features

  • The product has a battery backup of 1,100mAH that can last heavy mouth-to-lung vaping sessions
  • It is incredibly user-friendly. In order to vape, users just need to press and hold the fire button.
  • The vaping pod device has a 3ml e-liquid capacity, which can last the entire day.