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Make Your Vape Shop Big On Yelp

3 Can’t Miss Tips to Make Your Vape Shop Big on Yelp


You already know that building rankings on Google is a major part of bringing customers to your vape shop. If you focus all of your effort on Google, though, you’re missing out on another potential gold mine. Yelp isn’t just the world’s most popular business directory. According to Alexa, Yelp is the 201st most popular website of any type in the world. Around 2.7 million people use Google each month just to search for Yelp. You want to take advantage of that traffic, and to do that, you need to rank high when people search Yelp for vape shops in your city.

These 3 tips will help.

  • Offer Freebies to Customers Who Check In

Yelp forbids business owners from asking customers to leave reviews. If you’re caught doing that – or offering incentives for positive reviews – your ranking on Yelp will tank. One thing you can do, though, is encourage customers to check in. Keep a big box of vape bands, drip tips and other swag handy at your shop and let every customer who checks in on Yelp pick a free item from the box. You’ll be surprised how many more reviews you get when your customers already have their phones out and are already using the Yelp app.

  • Respond to Negative Reviews in Good Faith

Negative reviews on Yelp are poison because they can lead to tangible lost business. When you see a negative review, you might be tempted to react defensively. Instead, contact the customer privately in good faith and ask what you can do to make the situation right. If you can resolve the matter to the customer’s satisfaction, he or she may remove or modify the negative review. If you can’t resolve the matter, leave a public reply that future Yelp users will see. Don’t forget that if a negative review violates Yelp’s guidelines, you can always flag it for removal.

  • Post Positive Yelp Reviews in Your Vape Shop

While you can’t ask your customers for Yelp reviews, there’s no harm in reminding them that you’re on Yelp and that you love customer feedback. Print your favorite reviews and post them around your shop. In doing so, you’ll keep Yelp at the forefront of your customers’ minds. You’ll also reassure your new customers that your vape shop has a great reputation and that you’ll do whatever is necessary to make your customers happy.

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