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4 Great Vape Shop Layouts You Should Copy Right Now

4 Great Vape Shop Layouts You Should Copy Right Now

Have you ever stopped to think about how a store’s layout affects the shopping experience? People love clean, uncluttered shops that make it easy to find specific products or to simply browse. If you’re not big into visual design, though, creating a great vape shop layout is easier said than done. Thankfully, vape shops around the country have already done the work for you. These are the vape shop layouts that you should copy right now.

Artisan Vapor Company, New York

In many states, it’s illegal to keep vape gear out in the open at a shop unless you check ID at the door and only admit adults. Displaying your gear behind glass is a perfect way to comply with the law, but you need to ensure that customers have no trouble seeing your product selection. Artisan Vapor Company has the perfect layout for easy, uncluttered product browsing.

UK eCig Store, United Kingdom

You’ve got e-liquids, coils, tanks and mods coming out of your ears. You can’t possibly display them all without your shop looking like a cluttered mess. What’s the solution? Load your inventory into a bank of tablets that your customers can use for easy searching. When a customer wants to see a specific product, an employee can retrieve it from a storage room in back. With a bit of development capital, you could even create a custom app that automatically recommends products to customers who aren’t sure what they want.

VaporFi, Florida

Vape Shop

Branding is one of the most powerful things that you can accomplish with your vape shop’s layout. VaporFi has worked very hard to make its vape shops stand out in the competitive Florida market. Between the green color scheme – VaporFi’s product packaging is also green and white – and the large branded informational posters, there is no question from the moment you enter the door that you’ve just walked into a VaporFi vape shop.

Vapor Delight, California

Some vape shops are just vape shops. Others, though, aspire to be trendy local hangouts where people spend their evenings sucking down bottle after bottle of e-liquid. If you want to start a vape lounge, you’ve got to make your place look inviting. Although this all-neon look might not work in every neighborhood, you can bet Vapor Delight offers an experience that isn’t available anywhere else.

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